Sunday, August 24, 2014

SAF 2014: Closing Ceremony

What a productive weekend!  Here is my close out pic of all the projects I made at Stamp-a-Faire 2014.  I was hoping to get a picture of Emily and I today, but after a long day of swimming, we decided on a Movie Night.  So I'll re-post our picture from yesterday :)  SHOUT OUT FROM CENTRAL AMERICA!!!

SAF 2014: Time After Time Challenge

Okay....after a fun day of BBQ and swimming, I was able to wrap up the Time after Time Challenge.  I am actually really good about sending cards or getting rid of stuff I'll never use, so i didn't have that many terrible cards to redo.  And actually, I think in this case, I like my original card (pink) better than the new one!  Oh well!! :)  I am super excited that I was able to complete every challenge this weekend.  Huge shout out to my husband...I would have never been able to do it all without his help.  And I also got to spend lots of quality time doing crafts with my kids :)  I also very much enjoyed following the PTI Forum.  Scrapbooking is a very social thing for me, but as we just relocated this summer from Mexico City to Panama City, I don't know any crafters here yet!  Already looking forward to next year!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1980's with Lexi Daly

Oh Lexi, thank you SO MUCH!  I had so much fun doing these 80s cards!!!  And the music is fantastic!

Huge shout out and thank you to the ENTIRE design team at PTI.  I am already looking forward to next year's event!!

I hope I can get the last challenge it...but for now I need to stop the love affair I've been having with my craft room this weekend!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1980's with Lexi Daly

I am onto the 80s and LOVING it!  First, I know all the songs, so I am jammin' along.  I'm an 80s girl (barely, born Jan '80!).

I loved Lexi's first card so much, I just totally copied it!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1960's with Erin Lincoln

1960s, take 2!!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1960's with Erin Lincoln

Okay, onto Day #2 and the 60s with Erin.  I really need to pound out these last few challenges, since we have a BBQ and Pool Party this afternoon, and I am totally not prepared!  Good thing life is at a slower pace here in Latin America and people will probably be late!!

I had trouble with this technique...probably because I use SU! ink and the new ink pads have a LOT of ink.  It was soaking through my paper stencil....and if I got thicker paper, the stencil didn't work.  Oh well, I'm going with it!  I am loving the 60s playlist!

Emily and Alex also say good morning to everyone :)

SAF 2014: Explore the 1920's with Heather Nichols

Here is Emily's 1920s card.  I mean come on...this girl loves bling.  She used so much Stickles that the card doesn't even lay flat!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

SAF 2014: Explore the 1940's with Betsy Veldman

Okay, last card for the night :)  Time to take a rest and do a movie night with the hubby.  First thing tomorrow morning I will finish up the 60s and 80s!! :)  I had so much fun today with the SAF!!  I am already looking foward to next year.  For my last card, I basically just copied Betsy's style.  Her work is so awesome!!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1940's with Betsy Veldman

I am out of prohibition and onto the 1940s!!!!!!  In all my years crafting, I can't remember using felt, so this technique was very fun to try!  Thanks again Betsy, for lots of inspiration!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1920's with Heather Nichols

Okay, I figure they have winter in the 1920s......  And the glitter just inspired me to do something winter like :)  Must be the constant influence of Frozen in my house!!!  Also, to fully appreciate the 1920s, we have to remember I am scrapping now with a nice glass of wine!

SAF 2014: Explore the 1920's with Heather Nichols

I'm up to 1920!!! This is the first Era where I have continued to listen to the corresponding playlist as I worked on my projects (nothing against the designers that put the prior playlists together...just not my kind of music!!....though I might go back and listen to see what Lizzie's surprise was...).  Well, I just just cracking up, because growing up as a Girl Scout, I always sang "Tip Toe to the Tippee (outhouse), in the moonlight, in your underwear..." And I had no idea there was an actual song with the same tune called "Tiptoe to the Tulips" from the 20s!!

Anyway, here is my card.  I decided to mix some gold rhinestones in and leave some areas blank.  Some of my rhinestones are from Stampin' Up!, and while you can't tell in th picture, they are WAY more sparkly!

And I just figured out how to make my pictures post bigger...fancy that!

Emily's Latest Card

Well, Ms. Emily is going for Time Travel here....she has the wax and paper from Renaissance and the stitching and frame from Regency!

SAF 2014: Explore the Regency Era with Melissa Phillips

Okay!!  Here is my 2nd card for the Regency Era.  I am total Type A personality and I just have to work through each video in order!!!  Since it is 4:45 and I thought I would be WAY further through the challenges by now, I decided to do a faster version :) 

Emily's Projects!!

Emily has been crafting all day with me.  She is doing the SAF projects on and off depending on what they are.  But, I thought I'd go ahead and post all the other fun stuff she's been creating today!!  The "My Bedroom" sign was going to be her mosaic card, but given our success with the Xyron on my card, we decided to switch hers up :)

SAF 2014: Explore the Regency Era with Melissa Phillips

Wow...onto the Regency Era with PTI's Stamp-a-Faire!

I started this challenge with the same die and set the Melissa used in her example.  But it just wasn't working for me.  So as I started going through my supplies, the gold flecks in the Make-it-Market Shakers & Sprinkles kit caught my eye, and I knew just what I wanted to do!  Then, I was KICKING myself, because I also realized I DID have gigantic foam for the first mosaic challenge this morning!  Oh well!  I really like how this card turned out :)  I stamped the script image from the Regency stamp set around the border and scallop for the heart.

SAF 2014: Explore the Renaissance with Nichole Heady

Here we go!  The Wax challenge for SAF!  I have to say, after seeing wax on the list of supplies, I couldn't wait to try it out.  Emily and I both had fun with this one...and survived with no burned fingers.  We also took a break for lunch (thanks to my hubby for cooking for us!!) and to shower.  And then of course, we just HAD to take some selfies :)

SAF 2014: Explore the Renaissance with Nichole Heady

Here we go!  SAF Renaissance Challenge.  My daughter is back in the game and was LOVING the velvet :)  This was a fun and relatively quick card...especially when working together with Emily!  You can't tell from the picture, but the die and card base are the sparkly PTI paper...divine!!  I also included a picture of Emily in action...yep, we are still scrapping in our jammies.  We'll probably take showers before starting the wax project.  We were just so excited to get going this morning!

SAF 2014: Explore the Renaissance with Nichole Heady

SAF - Ancient Rome!!

Okay, 2nd challenge of the day...Ancient Rome.  We are already 1h 15m behind!!  We totally struggled with this :)  So Lizzie, thanks for keeping us challenged!  Emily gave up and already moved onto easier projects - ha!  Living outside the US without quick access to craft stores, we have found many challenges...I thought I was prepared, but our embossing paste is silver, not while (we used it anyway), our Foam Tape was NOT big enough to fit the mosaic die, and our xyron only fits paper 2.5" wide.  I have no idea how Lizze got her Xyron paper backing to stay on the paper...mine completely fell apart, so I ended up doing a puzzle, piece by piece.  But I was determined to finish!!!  I did however, fully give up on the mosaic background stamp.  After posting a question though, Lizzie was quick to reply with some tips, which I'll include here!!

Here are a few tips:
The border is the same scale as the patterned paper with the same pattern. You can place it on the patterned paper and then line up a gridded block to help keep you straight.
As you're stamping look down onto the image you stamped before it and see if the circle-y part looks like a circle. If not, it's probably off kilter.
You can create "waves" with this stamp, too. When using a gridded block, make sure that one of the lines goes through the center of the middle tile on both ends. That will help you stay straight.

Here are my 2 cards...and all my mosiac screw-ups, just in case anyone else out there is feeling frustrated :)

Picture :)

SAF Timer Challenge

The first event of Papertrey Ink's STAMP-A-FAIRE is a Timer Challenge!  Emily and I have never done this before, but how stinkin' simple!  We both got done with 11 minutes to spare - including clean up!! WOW!

SAF: Morning Timer Challenge - Emily!

Emily's card.  Stamped upside down, but whatever ;)  You can't expect perfection from a 7 year old when she is told she has 20 minutes!

LET Stamp-a-Faire BEGIN!!

My daughter and I are super excited for our first SAF event!  As she is 7, sometimes she needs a little encouragement, so we made a fun BINGO card to work on today!!  Can't wait to see how much we get done today!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Stamp-a-Faire 2014

I am super excited about Stamp-a-Faire 2014!!  This is something my daughter and I have been planning for several weeks!  It's our first Stamp-a-Faire event, and we've already told the boys (Dad & Son) that they are on their own for the day ;)

Loved watching the kick-off video :)  Especially Ashly, Dawn, and Betsy's section.  It was awesome to put some personality behind all the MIM creators!  We were laughing over all the references to paper crimpers....and we are sure that which such a design team following, paper crimpers will make a come back!  We will also admit that we have a stash of Fiskar's Paper Edgers :)  Now, we are ready to kick off tomorrow's party!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PTI Make It Monday #177

I was going to do more on this MIM challenge, but I really liked the simplicity of this card, so I kept it :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

PTI Make It Monday #176: Backgrounds with Embossing Paste and Shakers & Sprinkles set!!!

Time for some Make it Monday!!!  This was kind of a failure...we did not have white embossing paste on hand, so we substituted with Multi-Medium Matte.  That was more like a glue, so our stencil's didn't work very well.  Plus on my first try, I forgot to scrape off the excess.  What a mess!  I think Emily and I used about half a roll of paper towel :)  In any case, we have no ordered white embossing paste, and we'll give this challenge a try again when we have the right supplies on hand!  

We also played around with the Shakers and Sprinkles set for the first time.  We were SO EXCITED to finally get this set!  We had tons of fun and took lots of notes, so that next time we can assemble our projects faster.  Emily tried hers with glitter instead of sprinkles, and got a pretty cool effect.

PTI Make It Monday #176: Backgrounds with Embossing Paste

Emily's MIM Submission!!